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Tiger Youth Summit: Be a Tiger Ambassador and Help the Tigers to Survive!

Posted: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 by Karis As A Trader in Labels:

What is Youth Tiger Summit?
World leaders will meet at the heads of government World Tiger Summit in St Petersburg, Russia from 15-18 September 2010 to lay out agenda for the recovery of tiger population throughout their range. As part of the Summit process during this Year of the Tiger 2010, WWF is organizing a Youth Summit to reach out to the youths of the world so they can have a voice in this important conservation effort of this endangered species.
Young people – Youth Tiger Ambassadors (age 18 to 20) from tiger range countries and countries that support the conservation of tigers – are invited to Vladivostok, home to the Amur or Siberian tiger, in Russia Far East for a for a Youth Summit from 12-18 September 2010. The Summit will provide them with the opportunity to learn more about tiger conservation along with their fellow youths from other countries and discuss ideas on raising awareness of the tiger. They will visit the habitat of the Amur or Siberian tiger, be taken on a tiger trail, and get first-hand information about the state of the wild tiger population and necessary measures for their conservation measures.
At present tiger populations are plummeting rapidly, driven by massive forests destruction, lost of natural prey species, poaching and illegal trading. The global wild population may now be as low as 3,200, down from an estimated 100,000 at the beginning 20th century . In Indonesia, only about 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild and they are struggling to survive.
WWF is inviting two delegates from each of the tiger range countries and those countries with no tigers of their own but are helping to save the tiger, to attend the Youth Tiger Summit. WWF-Indonesia is inviting two talented- creative youths to the summit as the ambassadors of sumatran tiger conservation efforts.

What is the Objective of Tiger Youth Summit?
Enabling youths to develop proposals and ideas for tiger conservation which will then be presented to the Heads of Government Tiger Summit’s high-level segment in the form of a Youth Declaration on Tiger Conservation. The declaration will be presented to the Heads of Government Tiger Summit, via video-conference between Vladivostok and St. Petersburg on September 17th.
Sharing of experience and training in methods and techniques of environmental conservation work.
Building partnership and friendship between youth around the world to promote awareness on conservation of world tigers
Motivating and encouraging active young volunteers and workers in conserving the tiger
Encouraging public, in this case Indonesian, to support and actively participate on WWF-Indonesia’s conservation efforts.
Encouraging active Supporters or members of WWF-Indonesia to continue their support on conservation for longer term

Who is eligible to sign up?

Youth Tiger Summit is open to public with the following criteria:
1. Indonesian Citizen, aged 18 to 20 years old (as shown on ID card, Passport, Student Card, Driving License, or Family Certificate)
2. Fluent in English, with excellent communication and presentation skills
3. Keen on nature conservation, creative, open minded, and willing to learn about the problems and ways to save the tiger and work in a team.
4. Has valid passport preferred
5. WWF-Indonesia’s staff is not eligible to enter this selection
6. Parents or school permission, once selected as youth delegates
Individuals meet the above mentioned criteria may send their short bio data (stating full name, address, occupation, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail, and recent photograph) and scanned copy of identity card

Selection Process
Selection Stage
1. Provide creative ideas or answer on the following question:
“ Why you should be chosen as Tiger Ambassador and join the Youth Tiger Summit in Russia? What you can do to help the tigers ?”

2. Send your creative ideas in writing (in English) by email to Dyah Ekarini drini@wwf.or. id on the subject: Youth Tiger Summit : take action to save the tigers. In addition to the written answer, other supporting materials such as scrapbook, short movies, songs, short ads and other creative material are also allowed (optional). You can provide the hyperlink to the material by email and send it to the abovementioned email.

3. Deadline entry is July 18th 2010
Remember, be the most creative as you can be! Information on world tigers population can be found at SaveSumatra. org and Panda.org

Entry Criteria:
a. The writing and creative materials must be original and belong to the contestant. Quoting or citing others’ book, website, picture, film or etc (including from WWF-Indonesia) is allowed but should include the copyright or source of the materials. Any violation regarding copyright issue will disqualified your entry.
b. Submitted entry must be made by individual who is eligible to be participant of Youth Summit.
c. Copyright of the entry owned by contestant. The committee (WWF-Indonesia) has the rights to publish it by stating information of the copyright.

Selection Criteria will be based on:
a. Originality, initiative, creativity and consistency
b. Substance and correlation with theme
c. Inspiring others to actively participate in conserving Sumatran and world tigers. Motivating others to maintain green life style as their way of life as well as encouraging public to support and actively participated in WWF-Indonesia’s programs

5 best candidates will be chosen to the final stage (which will be announced by July 21th)

Final Stage
In this final stage, 5 candidates will present their creative ideas in front of a team of jury consist of WWF-Indonesia, tiger experts, and media. Candidates should make a power point presentation and model (if necessary) to explain their ideas to the jury.

Two most creative and inspiring winners will be sent as the young ambassadors of tiger conservation to the Youth Tiger Summit in Vladivostok, Russia from 12 – 18 September 2010.

Committee decision
Once the winner is announced, the committee’ decision is final. There will be no correspondence about the outcome of selection process. Should the committee found any violation (i.e. copyright and plagiarism), it holds every right to annul the winner.

If you are young, a natural leader and people listen to you, keen on wildlife and nature conservation, dreaming of embarking on an unforgettable journey to tiger land, willing to tell others how important it is to save this magnificent animal - contact us! You could be chosen as a “WWF Tiger Ambassador”.

Contact Person:
Dyah Ekarini
drini@wwf.or. id,
021-5761070 ext 513


"jangan ambil sesuatu kecuali foto, jangan tinggalkan sesuatu kecuali jejak, jangan bunuh sesuatu kecuali waktu."