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Pesta Giling Tebu di Cirebon

Posted: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 by Karis As A Trader in Labels:

This agenda is also a regular annual cultural calendar and people's efforts to move the wheels of the economy. Of course also in order to meet the needs of the national sugar stock.

In Milling Sugar Cane Festival in Cirebon (May 11, 2010), the''party''not only the sugar cane farmers who are members in APTRI (Sugar Cane Growers Association Rakyat Indonesia). But also all levels of society, including small traders, artisans, and artist-humanist.

This year, the Feast Milling Sugar Cane Factory centered in (PG) in the District of New Tersana Babakan-Kab Cirebon. Last year I was also present at the Coral Suwung PG. I was with the Regent of Cirebon (Pak Dedi Supardi) and Jabar APTRI Chairman (Mr. Anwar Asmali) witnessed a society so incredibly enthusiastic about the party during the milling.

Tens of thousands of people, young and old, children to grandmothers, spilling out on the streets. Berbalanja rejoiced and just about anything, while watching a variety of cultural attractions and traditional art performances.

Almost a whole month, up market''shock''at the edges of the road. Which sold a variety of community needs ranging from food, clothing, electronics, handicraft products, motorcycles, alata-entertainment equipment, toys, and sporting goods.

In the sugar cane harvest, which is a direct benefit sugarcane farmers. In one hectare of land planted with sugar cane, usually produces a net gain of about USD 10 million. In fact, the average sugarcane farmers there generally has about 10 hectares of cultivated land. Some even up to 200 hectares. So you can imagine how much profit farmers in the sugar cane harvest.

In Cirebon, there are three sugar factories, namely New Tersana PG, PG Suwung Reef, and PG Sindang Sea. West Java provincial government will continue to encourage sugarcane farmers in Cirebon included in Majalengka and Kab Subang to maningkatkan sugarcane planting areas and productivity.

Forward will also be encouraged to grow sugarcane planting areas to the south of West Java, such as Ciamis district, Garut, Cianjur and Sukabumi. I invite the business world, including business banking to get into this pertebuan. Government (central, provincial, and district) would support the provision of infrastructure in the form of roads, bridges, and irrigation systems.

If the program is successful, the three benefits at once achieved, which is absorbed by new jobs, rising prosperity of sugarcane farmers, and the fulfillment of the national sugar stock.

That way, the national sugar self-sufficiency target by 2014 can be achieved
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"jangan ambil sesuatu kecuali foto, jangan tinggalkan sesuatu kecuali jejak, jangan bunuh sesuatu kecuali waktu."